Goodyear P225/75R16 TRACKER 2

Enhanced Traction, Smooth Ride at a Great Value.


* Thousands of corrugated biting edges in the tread design* Lug tread pattern* Wedge-shaped traction grooves* Premium rubber compound and solid shoulders* 50,000 Mile/80,000 Kilometer Limited Treadwear Warranty for Tires Purchased From and Installed at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


* Help enhance all-season traction in wet, dry and winter conditions* Helps reduce road noise for a smooth, quiet ride* Help provide superb traction and an enhanced, quiet ride* Help promote even treadwear throughout the life of the tire

Tire Specifications

Load Rating1041984 lbs  (900 kg) per Tire
Speed RatingS112 mph  (180 kph)
Maximum Inflation0PSI
Mileage Warranty50,000
UTQG480 A BTreadwear: 480
Traction: A
Temperature: B

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Goodyear TRACKER 2